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Introduction to Spiraldynamik® Principles

Stephanie Jones-Ertmann (Physiotherapeutin)
min. 8, max. 16
Sa, 16.03.2019 | 10.00 - 17.00 Uhr
So, 17.03.2019 | 10.00 - 17.00 Uhr


Naousis 4
Afentrica Court, Flat 6
6018 Larnaca


Koula Kiriakidou Velina Bobcheva Onissiforou
+357 (0) 99 66 55 09


This workshop is a basic introduction to the Spiraldynamik® principles. It is designed for movers of all disciplines, physiotherapists and movement instructors. It enhances our understanding of body funtion by explaning the physics of human movent, given the laws of nature, gravity and the human anatomical structure.

Kursziel | Course objective

- Introduction to the Spiraldynamik® principles
- Unterstanding the potential of the methods in different disciplines
- Overview of the Spiraldynamik® professional education

Kursinhalt | Course content

Modern life styles tend to work against the course of evolution that developed the body’s natural alignment e.g. the legs and feet suffer from the amount of sitting we do, walking on concrete and often the choice of shoes we wear. Through the understanding of the basic Spiraldynamik® principles, participants will learn to recognize these effects on their own bodies and how to address them. Basic anatomy will be shown to better understand the genial bio-architecture of the body, and exercises will be taught to strengthen the main muscle groups responsible for providing support, alignment and coordination. This workshop is open to people of all professional movement and physiotherapy backgrounds.

Methodik | Method

Short presentation with illustrations and examples. Mobilisation and exercises, various tools and methodes to integrate the skills in to daily life. Interactive classes and time for Q&A.

Voraussetzung | Requirements

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Anmeldung | Registration

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Kursnachweis | Course validation

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Allgemeine Informationen | General information

Adequate insurance covering (accident/theft) is the responsibility of the course participant. We reserve the right to make changes to the program with regards to instructors and location. Spiraldynamik(R) is an internationally registered and protected brand.

AGBs | Terms and conditions

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